Reply To All airs today

Hey so the lovely people at BBC Writersroom Scotland recorded a family comedy I wrote with a fantastic cast, called Reply To All – it goes out today as part of the Afternoon Show on BBC Radio Scotland.

I’m proud of it and hope you enjoy it. If you do (or if you owe me money) please tell the BBC and maybe we can do more!

(PS still give back the money)

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Shortlisted for an award at the Debbies

Delighted to be shortlisted for the All3Media New Voices Award at The Debbies for my spec script Macbeth In Love. Thanks Edinburgh TV Festival!

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Recording at BBC Scotland

Wee pic from an exciting day at the BBC where they were recording a script of mine with a fantastic cast of Sally Reid, Barbara Rafferty, Gavin Mitchell and Jordan Young. Can’t wait for you to hear it.

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Great to be back on Breaking The News again. Listen again on iPlayer:

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Bone Wars: Marsh & Cope return to the grave (for now)

That’s all from Marsh & Cope for now! We’ve had a brilliant run with Bone Wars at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 – thanks to everyone who came. You can still catch Michelle Wormleighton in her great solo show Georges The Spider, daily at 2:30pm (not Tuesdays) at Moriarty’s till the 27th.

Stay tuned for news on what’s next for the two duelling palaeontologists! Hint: they are both dead.

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