Backpackers Anonymous

Hey everyone – the new thing I’m doing starts today.

Backpackers Anonymous is a new series of comedy monologues for BBC Radio Scotland. Written and performed by Keiron Nicholson (this is me) and produced by the wonderful Julia Sutherland. Starts today (August 30th) as part of The Culture Studio with Janice Forsyth and runs for four weeks. The Culture Studio starts at 2:05pm, not sure when we do – I think towards the end.

The monologues are taken from my Important Experiences backpacking round the world a couple of years ago. As evidence of this, please see the above photograph of me not knowing how to take a photograph at a famous cultural landmark.

I hope you enjoy my monologues. They are supposed to be funny. If you don’t find them funny, I’m sorry: something has gone wrong. If you do find them funny you could follow me on Twitter and then I will tell you about the next thing I do that I try to make funny, like a stand-up comedy gig or a social interaction of some kind. Thank you for reading this far. I genuinely love you.

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